We built a new type of decentralized bonus for the community

What is BITBONUS(BBNS)? is a decentralized P2P digital currency token,
based on TRC20 technology created in the Tron Network.
Which makes it easier to send and receive money online.


The world's only bonus Blockchain solution for global and instant payments

BitBonus describes the purpose of the protocol as building an ecosystem of global and free content for the community.

In which creators have the power to freely publish, store and own their content, interacting directly with their consumers, thanks to decentralized issuance, circulation and trading of digital assets. This system allows you to send, receive and reward certain groups. This makes it sponsored globally through Blockchain technology.
BitBonus was created in March 2021 by the team (BBNS), through the Tron network. (BBNS) was designed to provide the easiest reward content, making it enjoyable and efficient for the community. In theory, this goal is achieved by placing content on a Blockchain and consumers on a network in which it has several resources. Among them: long-term mining system and Bots / Tip.
We seek to offer earnings availability through faucets and tips to the community, but always aiming at investor safety without taking risks of mass evictions made by users, thus bringing liquidity to the CryptoActive markets.
All applications of the BitBonus platform, will allow the team (BBNS) to send rewards through Rain / Tip and bonuses to sponsor projects. All transactions will be secured via BitBonus protocols with strict laws created by us.

BitBonus intends to conquer the internet through the following resources:
1 - Free and uncontrolled data.
2 - Content ecosystem where users can acquire assets through groups and events like Airdrops/Tip/Rains.
3 - Own ICO with the capacity to distribute digital assets, to long-term investors through initial sales with values ​​lower than the market.

Why Choose Us Image

Peer-to-Peer Transactions

TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts in Tron Blockchain to implement tokens with the Tron virtual machine (TVM). And it is fully compatible with ERC‌-20 from Network (Ethereum).

Fast payments

You can send money more quickly anywhere in the world.

Fully protected blocks

Your Tokens are always protected and free from regulatory bodies.

Smart Money

Investors around the world.

Secure Wallet

Easy-to-use, feature-rich and 100% decentralized wallet

Easy To buy & Sell

Buying and selling has never been easier with the online financial market. Various forms of payments for your customers to have more convenience and confidence when carrying out their activities in the cryptocurrency market.


Decentralized wallet with local private key storage, for any token on the Tron network.
Among them: BBNS. Its totally safe and protected environment with low rates.




Our work goals

We work with excellence to bring the best to the BitBonus community, this requires us to put effort and dedication into our work. We will create new products for BBNS every semester. But this is only possible with the support of our users.

  • Faucet Bitbonus

    Access our distribution platform and secure your BBNS for free!

  • Exchange Listing

    BitBonus is available on the SunSwap decentralized trading platform! Trade right now!


Our team is made up of professionals whose mission is to exceed the expectations and satisfaction of our communities, seeking to understand the needs to transform them into robust solutions.

BitBonus Frequently Asked Questions

What is TRC-20?

TRC‌-20 is a technical standard used for smart contracts on the Tron Blockchain to implement Tokens with the Tron virtual machine (TVM). And it is fully compatible with ERC‌-20 from (Ethereum Network).
BBNS has a consensus similar to a POS (Proof of Participation) mining that uses a POOL system for the distribution of BPOSs, so there is no use of energy for mining, this makes BBNS an economic currency and with a potential cost. high profits for the cryptocurrency holding community.
- We will make BBNS an accessible token cryptocurrency for people with less financial resources. We will start an airdrop distribution for the BitBonus community.
Upon leaving BBNS in the Pool, currency holders will receive 25% annual BPOS (Proof of Participation Bonus) under the vested balance.

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